The most wanted and searched for feeling, yet the most frightening of the healings
A sentiment that makes the heart jump of joy and the soul behave like a toy
Something only a few have truly experienced or even allowed it to come near
Hate is not its opposite, but fear

When living it, one may not recognise its full power,
but when left without it, one understands how it is sour

We cannot quite grasp it to its core
but oddly enough it is all we long for

Unlike beautiful poems describe, it is neither light nor easy
Love is not a word, it is a VERB
It is action, exercise, practice

As with most things in life,
the more you practice, the better you get

So live (from your heart)
Practice it (to your mind)
Expand it (for your soul)

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  1. Mi says:

    É incrível como ainda existem pessoas no mundo que vivem com medo de amar.

    Tudo que é feito com amor é mais vivo, forte e pleno…

    O que importa um machucado se você conseguiu subir montanhas?

    O que importa uma despedida quando se teve uma vida?

  2. Daniela says:

    Namora comigo???! hahahaha

    TE AMO AMIGA! Bjão!

  3. Joey says:

    Very much impressed with your poem writing, Juliana. Keep it up!

  4. Odair Ribeiro says:

    And yet people are afraid of loving…
    We need to have the guts to jump with eyes wide closed and seize the day (carpe diem), even if you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.
    Any day with love is a day closer to God.
    This is what He wants for us, and this is what we have to practice.
    There is one movie about love that I just love, corrente do bem. You probably saw it already, but I feel like I would love to watch it again.
    It is just beautiful and so easy that is hard to understand why we don’t do it!
    Ok, last but not least, hugging is a great way to show your love with a deep meaning, when you do it with your heart. And this is why it is so good, because when you hug someone, your hearts are so close that look like they’re just one.
    I love doing that with all the people I love, I can not feel more alive than that…

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