Ode to Music

Its sweet melody fills concert halls, hearts, palaces, minds and yet, only to a few it preaches harmony and the beauty of it.

It is joy found in one piece.

It is sadness explored and expressed.

It is the healing for doubtful minds, wounded hearts and a chaotic world.

It is also how feelings found a way to be communicated without words.

It is everything it cannot be, yet it is exactly as it should be.

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  1. Odair Ribeiro says:

    I must say this is absolutely beautiful.
    Ju, you’re wasting your time in HR… 🙂
    I just love reading your words.

    As you know, I love playing the guitar. This is my cachaça, my therapy, my hobby, my party, my drug, my brew, my madness…
    It fills my soul and drives me towards places I had never been before, makes me creep, makes me cry, makes me smile…
    Music is part of my life. I remember when I used to play with my friends how good it was. We could be until late hours and see the sun rising without ever getting tired or boring…
    It brings people together in love bounds.
    Songs also makes you travel, specially to the past.
    I’m sure everyone has this special music that marked your life for any reason, but most of all, for love or even for a good dor de cotovelo hahaha
    Well, this is such a wide subject that I could probably spend hours and hours talking about it, but I will leave it as is for now.
    I hope you enjoyed…

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