Out of season Xmas

Every year I ask myself: why must we celebrate love just one day a year? Why must we remember to say “thank you” on a larger scale and embrace our beloved ones just on this specific day?

On the other hand, I also wonder how inconsistent we are to the whole “concept of love” since there are so many cases in which we express our “love” in a forced (and dare I say, even hypocritical) way. I mean, do you all REALLY love spending time with that aunt of yours who always brags about everything? Or do you really enjoy spending so much money on gifts for people you don’t call all other 364 days of the year? Or would you rather spend time with just the ones you really want to be with and act as the date preaches you: with LOVE?

I am therefore proposing that people get a grip of themselves and look around. Look first at yourself and question how much love you still have left inside apart from all the “duties”. I am talking about LOVE. After weighting it inside, think about the people whom you’d like to give some it to. Then simply act towards them as you would in Xmas, but in a much more sincere way: just for the sake of WANTING to do it and not because some date on the calendar tells you to.

Greet them amably. Smile from the soul. Caress them whenever you want. Surprise them with a gift (be it a flower plucked from someone’s garden!). Treat them kindly. Measure your words and use those that can actually make a GOOD difference, not indiference… Be friendly. Friendship goes a long, long way.
Look into their eyes and let your own shine so they know, even without words, that love is showing there. You’ll be surprised to see how that circle goes around. It is an exponential action.
And of course, OBSERVE! Observe how you will see more glowing eyes around and towards you.
And then… when Xmas, this will be automatic for you. The date will finally make more sense to everyone and the guy who celebrates his birthday on Dec. 25th will also thank you heartfelt.

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