Lessons from Tibetan Monks

While in India, I spent a little over a month in Dharamsala, the Tibetan “city” in India. Way up near the sky, it is a valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains and coloured with the famous Tibetans flags everywhere. These prayer flags are inscribed with auspicious symbols, invocations, prayers, and mantras. Tibetan Buddhists for centuries have planted these flags outside their homes and places of spiritual practice for the wind to carry the beneficent vibrations across the countryside. Prayer flags are said to bring happiness, long life and prosperity to the flag planter and those in the vicinity.

Lessons from Tibetans – part I: “Lhamo” – my new Tibetan name given by a monk from the volunteering English lessons I gave. It means “goddess”. A blessed name, given by a blessed person. Taken by whom it was given and its meaning, I can only imagine (and believe in my heart) that I, too, am a blessed soul.

Lessons – part II: they addressed to me as “teacher” and I admit I kind of preferred it: it felt much more real (even though I am no real teacher – but I am much closer to being one than I am of a goddess). It felt nice (sweet) to hear the monks saying it in their own particular tone of voice: “excuse me, teacher”. A sound that was heard not enough times (due to the limited number of lessons), but that sure had its importance inside me. Things a teacher learns with the students, I guess: to hear different sounds and like them. At least a non-real teacher, anyway.

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