Letting go…

Things we hear
Facts we know
Surprises we always look for
Are invariably with us, but
We persist on forgetting them
Only to believe they are new
When they happen again
To believe life is all about news
Or to later say we didn’t know better

But these experiences are also stubborn
Since they keep coming back to us
Only to remind us that the secret
Is about letting go
Let go and it shall return
Not as a circle
But rather as a trouble-free flow
Let go and it shall return
Even if just to teach us
The reason why we left them
Or why they once left us

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  1. Odair Ribeiro says:

    Beautiful. It’s not easy to let go, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do.
    I am trying to learn that myself…
    Thanks for standing by me, you’re the best.
    That reminds me of something I wanted to write about real friends.
    What is a real friend? How would you define a real friend if you had one phrase?
    I certainly wouldn’t have just one. Here’s some that I thought:
    A real friend is…
    – the one who is not there to wipe your tears, but to prevent you from crying, or to support you when crying is the path
    – the one who completes your sentences
    – the one with whom you can think out loud
    – the one who kicks your ass when necessary, with no fear of heart feelings
    – the one who tells you when something is not right, straight and simple, showing that this is about the issue, not about the person
    – the one who tells you the truth, no matter how much it hurts. He/she opens your eyes when you most need it
    – the one who comments on your blog even when he is totally swamped at work, because he understands the sense of priority (I guess I couldn’t be straighter than this hahaha)
    – the one who thinks about you and cares about you without being selfish
    Well, this is pretty much what I had in mind, I hope you enjoyed…

  2. Odair Ribeiro says:

    Olha, eu ACABEI de escrever estes comentários e fui ver meus e-mails.
    O primeiro que eu recebi foi esse:
    “…Os espaços da alma, tal qual os de uma peneira, tornam-se menores e já não temos mais tempo a perder com aqueles que não valem a pena. Tornamo-nos mais sábios e aprendemos a administrar melhor nosso tempo. Canalizamos nossa energia e nossos sentimentos para aqueles que nos são queridos…”

    Marcos Veiga Campos – aka Kiko

    Fala sério, fiquei até arrepiado…
    A voz de Deus, trazida por um anjo…
    Muito legal.

  3. LifeIsNow says:

    And Deep.
    E as fotinhos que vc acha são sempre demais! rs (vc primeiro acha as imagens e depois escreve né? heim? heim?)

    Bjos, Andrew

  4. LifeIsNow says:

    comentei, sumiu, vai de novo:
    Beautiful!! (and DEEP!!)
    Acho que vc cria os posts a partir das figurinhas (que são bem legais!).. huummm….

  5. LifeIsNow says:


  6. Hans says:

    there is no reason, no circle no square or any form our limited minds can grasp in the fleeting motion of things. we can at most pick out a thought like a balloon at a disneyfair – stunned by all the fake magic and charmed by the person next to us to ensure us we are not alone in enjoying the show.

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