Roll the dice

Christopher had always been the “think-not-do” kind of lad. He wondered about this, about that, about all. As silly as it may seem, he even wondered how one would feel hot and just jump in the swimming pool without first trying out the temperature on 2 fingers of water at the corner of the pool. To him, even such little reassurance seemed better than none. There seemed to be a constant stronger arm than his tying him around himself. An endless lump in his throat that blocked the sentences to come out. The lines. The syllables. The words even. One by one, the words would be pushed back down to his stomach because the lump would block their way to his lips and tongues. Persistent tears that no one saw in the back of his eyes (is that where the soul is hidden?). Once again, he wondered… he wondered whether he had finally reached the one place he feared the most: the point of no return.Was he losing the grip? He dreaded that thought, but felt there was a way out… He wanted to be the one to write his own pains and gains. But… how?!? How would he simply let go of thoughts and embrace action? It seemed to be more fear than, in fact, laziness. Then again: fear of what exactly?

After another moment of questioning, Christopher remembered a phrase by Darwin (a fella he most admired): “It’s not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent. But the ones most responsive to CHANGE!” He felt as if he had been struck by a lightening. The sentence fell in his memory as an unexpected gift falls on your lap from something you thought you didn’t even deserve. A rush of blood went straight to his head. His thoughts ceased momentarily: a feeling never previously experienced.

He felt obliged to take that “gift” and use it the best way possible. For him, the only way to honour such a statement of truth would be the obvious: to change. The wheel of life started turning in his head and he suddenly understood expressions such as “roll the dice”, “toss the coins”, “no pain, no gain”… He saw the resemblance in all of them. They are all about the one action that will change the whole scenario. A movement that will affect life in a matter of seconds. You roll the dice and that’s it: you either win or you lose. But you must play. You must roll the dice. Watching life from the first row might give you a good view, but you’ll only see other people’s lives from that spot. You cannot watch your own life. You must live it. If you don’t, no one will do it for you. No one can, even if they try to. Free will and destiny are close friends and walk hand in hand: use your free will to make your choices as you wish so you can draw your destiny. You. You must roll the dice and change the swing of things so others can see you from the first row. So they may then applaude you. Cheer for you. Applaude to such a beautiful spectacle, a breathtaking beauty in which you can, but will not hide. A show that strikes the sight of those in the first row and glows in the dark. A show only you may give because that show is yours. And yours only. And you’ll need this for the rest of your life.

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  1. Carla says:

    Vc se supera a cada dia. Mais uma vez S-E-N-S-A-C-I-O-N-A-L.
    O último parágrafo então… sem palavras! Perfeito. Digno de um bom LIVRO ou trailler de filme. Um filme de suspense que as pessoas têm que ler as entrelinhas pra entender o final.

  2. Vivian says:

    What a wonderful conclusion, Ju… How many people do you know that are just “spectators” of their own lives, believing that this is living??? Let´s learn to roll the dice. 🙂

  3. LifeIsNow says:

    AH NAAO!!!!
    hahahahahha! só rindo mesmo!!.. tu tá fueda juuuuuu.. 😉

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