666 (in English)

There are those who believe God created the world and all beings. As every rule has its exception, this one tale is the exception of the Almighty’s exception. It regards a certain daughter of Satan or as many often reduce him to, just “the Devil”. And who would have thought that she was to be his masterpiece?? When the unholy was to be born, the sentence spoken by the one who lives underground was: “Releeeeeaaaaase the Kraken!!”. Said and done. The diabolique creature came to the world on 06/06/1666 without crying. Common shock amongst those who were present, but still the doctor declared her a “healthy” child. How could a doctor declare healthy that strange microminiature of a person that, apart from not crying, stared at him and even gave him what seemed to be a smile? Such things not even Freud could explain, just the Beast himself. Due to the horror that ran through the doctor’s veins, he rashly made his way out of the house attesting over and over that she was indeed healthy.

The bloody one grew up with her very odd thoughts and manners declared to all, and somehow managed to make and keep (for a short period only, naturally) a small number of friends at school. She even kept her appearances with her family, but deep down she despised them. Her rage towards her mother grew day by day at each failed attempt that the mother to caress or care for her. Out of fear, her father ignored her and, as expected, she felt fervor towards him. She tried to please him at all costs, but since her actions were the most absurd and unsual ones, the father ran from her as she might have run from a cross, had she seen one. Up to current days, I know no father that enjoys dead bats in his office just for decoration’s sake nor self-mutilation attempts just to catch his attention.

Moreover the fact of having the Lord of Darkness as a real father and a biological one who loathed her, nothing seems more comprehensible than the infernal feeling disenchanted towards men. However, as customary at the time, she was happily forced by her father to wed. She obediently attended the cerimony with tangled, messed up hair, dark circles around her eyes (that everybody thought to be the normal nervousness that affects all brides) and a bouquet of dead flowers. The groom received her with such a high disdain that the bride even felt a little inclined to the lad. They had four children. At each birth, a burden.

On the day that the fourth son was born, the pupil overcomes her own master and creator by screaming at the top of her lungs: “I shall only be happy when I see 4 little coffins going out that door!!!”. Such words were so strong and intense that echoed in most hidden corners of hell. Mad and out of his reasons, with deadly rage and envy, Lucifer himself jumps up from his throne and yells to all levels of the subterranean world: “BRING ME THAT BLOODY COW DOWN HERE NOW!! How dare she!! No one can be more hated than me on Earth!!” The miserable woman died during labour and the youngster was the only one who cried when born.

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