Down and out

She was sitting on a high chair, her feet floating in the air, not touching the ground. One elbow on the table, hand supporting her face turned to the sun. Her chewing gum was thankful that she was chewing it careful and slowly. She never wore watches so as not to know for sure how many minutes she spent on her nothingness. How many days would those hours make? Her legs started to get cramps from the floating feet, so she moved them a bit, stretched them forward and came back to the exact same position. The waiter brought her a glass of iced tea. She gave him a half-smile, leaned the whole body forward to place the straw on her lips, instead of reaching out to the glass. A cloud crossed the sun and she realised her sunglasses were, in fact, making no difference since they were falling down on her nose. It didn’t bother her. Others might have even thought it was stylish. Whatever. She sipped her drink until the air in the straw started making noise. Over. Now what? She decided to head home. Her body was strangely heavy, so she moved slowly, staring at her feet. “I ought to buy new shoes…” She also noticed from her shadow that her left shoulder was inches lower than the right one from the weight of her bag. Turning the key silently on the door, as if not to wake anybody up, she remembered that there was no one home: she lived alone. That thought made her feel even more tired. The only strength she had left was to take off her shirt. Her body was automatically drawn to her bed. She covered her eyes from the light that struggled its way in through the dark-green curtains. “Isn’t life  too short to be bored?”, she wondered. Then fell asleep dreaming about all the things she wanted to do.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. LifeIsNow says:

    Puxa.. isso que é atenção aos detalhes!

  2. Odair Ribeiro says:

    Ju, amazing… Você está cada vez mais se superando.
    Agora, aqui entre nós, que ressaca da porra, hein???
    Depois me conta o que vc anda bebendo, ainda tá me devendo essa info.

  3. Rafael says:

    Vc ficou bem de Preto, abs

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