Frivolous Sex

Laurie was exhausted from another busy day. She left the office feeling each and every bone of her body talk to her, poke her. They were reliving her endless stories of the stylish, but hurried years in high-heeled shoes, heavy leather bags and tight skirts. Her skin and tissues added spicy details designed by the everyday, heavy, sexy or clean makeup. Today was not an exception. Impeccable dress matching the perfect shoes, sunglasses that not only fit her face but drew it as a painting and a suitcase that made business look sensual. She stepped out of the office inhaling deeply that fresh autumn air that she so enjoyed. Her nose sent an immediate refreshing feeling throughout her veins and muscles.

She decided to leave her troubles somewhere between the office and her home. The light was still red for pedestrians but she decided to give little but fast steps in front of everyone else giggling inside. She needed to free her mind and that little action had helped. Still smiling, she entered a modern, rich bar on the other side of the square. A small, single room bar, finely decorated with high black velvet curtains opposing a red wall. The floor was almost insulted by the shoes that stepped on it since the carpet was so soft and beautiful, all black with red dots on the corners and squares in the middle. The bar was fully candle-lit and all orders could only be made through the assistance of gorgeous and young bartenders who were dressed most in accordance to the ambience: all black, except for the shoe laces that were red. The drinks were mysteriously brought from behind a red door with black doorknob that had a shelf above it that seemed to float, full of red and black candles.

After taking off her slim, kneel-long jacket that announced every curve of her body and letting her hair down, Laurie comfortably sat down on a small black couch. She chose this one to match her black dress and her red lips. It made her legs seem as if independent from her. The high-heeled shoes were neatly crossed on top of each other, making the knees touch as if melting in one another. Her drink appeared in front of her as if by magic. “Literally magic”, she thought after gazing at the drink carrier. Her eyes declared her secret intentions and the fingers that touched the side of her hand while serving the drink revealed the overt wishes. Years of hard, intelligent and demanding work, yet Laurie still could not figure how two strangers can become accomplices by just one glance.

Following him down the dark aisle that let to the toilets, she quickly sipped down her drink and rapidly felt the alcohol possess her groins, breasts and lips. The feet did not get altered by such effects since they kept their fast, decided pace towards the little black door with a red doorknob on a hidden corner. The waiter held a professional attitude as long as he felt he could be observed by eyes other than Laurie’s.

Reaching for the doorknob, he tightly held her by the waist with such strength that “desire” would be a weak word to describe it. Both danced their way into the tiny space and the heels put her in a perfect measurement to his height. “Perfect fit”, she whispered in his right ear while he pulled her hair down to lick the side of her neck. For a moment she wondered how many arms he had since all her parts were being touched. Her skirt was way up high, showing her sexy belly button which he kissed and bit vigorously. She rubbed her body all over his face and his tongue welcomed each inch. She pressed harder and faster. They let out a few muffed laughs mixed with heavy breaths. His fingers entered her with such tender and strength she could do nothing else but sigh loudly. He then replaced his fingers and felt his own breathing get faster and faster and in harmony with her hip movements. Grabbing his back with her red nails, she parted her lips in one last, long and deep breath. Her head fell backwards and her legs slowly glided down from his waist to knees, while he supported her whole weight of her back on his hands.

He kissed her breast goodbye, tucked his shirt back in, let her little finger loose from his and walked out from sin and into the dark, music-filled aisle. She stayed there for a few minutes recovering her breath and feeling the strong pulsations gently turn into spasms. While the reactions from a quick but delicious moment were leaving her, she remembered she had forgotten to ask his name. Just as she had forgotten the wedding ring she had on her left hand.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Od says:

    Juju is now showing yet another style, but as always beautifully.
    I must confess that I envy your imagination…

  2. Silvinho says:

    Literalmente foda !!! rsrsrs

  3. Felipe says:



    “Fucking” Sexy.

    Continuo lendo este post dia após dia e ainda tenho reações….

    Thanks for that, and please (PLEASE!!!) keep feeding my imagination!!!

    Kisses, Phillip

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