Have I?

There has been confusion.

I have taken solitude into company.  

I have treated love.  

What is love?  

I have been understanding.

I have seen sadness.  

I have been there.  

I have treated aches.  

I have been unwarned.  

From what?  

I have taken guilt and embraced it.  

I have treated joy.  

I have been careless.  

With whom?  

I have taken for granted.  

I have been taken for granted.  

I have sat in an old chair. By myself.  

I have liked it.  

For what?  

I have wished for more. Not defining what.  

I have had more.

I have regreted. But not forgotten.

I have mistaken hurt for crisis. 

Bad mood for crisis.

Doubts for crisis.

Ego for crisis.

I have asked and guessed the answer.  

I have been clueless.

I have tasted bitter and swallowed it with a smile.

I have cried with all reasons for having no reason at all.

I have been playing. 

I have been confusing. 

I guess I have done it all.

Have I been living? 

What am I thinking?

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