What am I… to me?

I participated in a job interview the other day and the recruiter came up with the following question:

“Who are you? Describe yourself in a few words.”

I hate this part of the interview. Not because I have any sort of difficulty or false modesty to talk about myself, but simply because I do not like the ordinary. We sort of know what they would like to hear, but giving the normal (sometimes most appropriate) answer just won’t do. As always, I decided to speak my mind and be me in the most authentic way – which was already showing her how I am and not just who I am… I hope she got that much.

I stood up and started drawing on the flip chart in the meeting room. I drew a large circle and inside it I put many things. I must confess I am terrible drawer so all I could get from her was a puzzled expression. I felt a little psychic at that moment because I could tell (for sure) that she was thinking: “What on Earth is this guy doing??”.

I then explained what the mini drawings inside the circle were: books, people, passports, smiles, music symbols, hospitals, schools, water, birthday gifts, Christmas, tears, hands, hugs, sparks, 2 dogs and one parrot… all sorts of things. All the things that compose what I am. Things that made and make me be me. I am not just me, I am part of many and many are part of me. I am the result of a a great mathematical calculation: things are added, some are divided into others, others are multiplied and some are subtracted in, with and for me.

And why did I choose a circle to draw as the outter part of my mini drawing? I didn’t even think about it. It was the recruiter who called my attention saying that I had literally drawn my Circle of Life. I smiled and nodded. I made an extra effort to focus in the interview again since I could not take the image of The Lion King out of my head. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting observation and after the interview, I realised I am a circle as well. I never stop. I never am the same person. I question, I live, I observe, I dream, I talk and I listen to people. I am not the same person as I was last month. I hope I won’t be the same in the near future when I look back in time. Therefore, the question should not have been “who” am I but instead… “what” am I. Even if that had been the question, I am sure I wouldn’t know how to answer. Because I am a lot. But never the same. I am also just that, yet all that is me.

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