Blessed sin

Peter did not see it coming when he agreed on going to the Church Camp. He had been raised by a very religious and loving family and knew his fate would make him go away on such a weekend between the ages of 14 or 16 just like his elder brothers. He did not even consider not going. It felt like his suitcase had been ready since he was 6. So off he went.


It was a sunny Friday afternoon with blue sky and a perfect temperature. It seemed everyone on the street felt perfectly comfortable in their own bodies, not too warm neither too cold. So did Peter. He went towards the bus stop with a stamped smile on his face which made him either look silly or drugged. He was none. He felt a certain excitement towards this trip but had no idea why. A bunch of teenage guys being loud and silly in a bus towards a small village in the middle of nowhere – what was there to get anxious about?


On their first stop already hours outside his hometown, Peter got up to stretch a bit and headed silently towards the toilet inside the pub by the petrol station. He went inside messing his smooth hair so vigorously so as to scare the sleepiness away. Tall, finely built, with large hands, beautiful eyes and smiles, Peter was a very handsome and charming young man.  He was totally oblivious to this fact though.


Upon leaving the toilet, Peter was run over by this blond girlish woman with deep hazel eyes. She approached him smiling and whispered in his left ear:”My apologiessssssss.” He froze. Not one action came out of him. She stood there watching him as he took his time to notice just how dark she had coloured her eyes. It made her look older and also much more sensual. Her eyelashes were long and she seemed to have perfect control over them. She then looked around as if trying to hide her next move from the sight of others and went towards him again. This time she grabbed him by his waist and scratched her nails on his back: “Come wiiiiith me”. Still totally numb, he followed her across the pub. He then realised two other women had stood up from their table and were heading in their direction. One was very tall with long brown hair and dark brown eyes and was smiling the most captivating smile he had ever seen in real life. The other had perfect curves under the tight jeans and white top. Her necklaces matched perfectly with her hair and shoulders. Though noticing all these details, Peter’s mind was still paralysed and could not think straight. He thought he had seen the first one blink to the bartender and receiving a nod in return. He might have just imagined it.


The tall brunette took his right hand very smoothly as if he were constantly slipping away from her and led all to a huge truck in the parking lot.


He was sure he was losing his mind for he could not decide whether God had abandoned him forever or if this was the real first time he felt His presence in full grace. It felt more and more like the latter for life had never been so beautiful. He was experiencing all the lessons he was supposed to stay away from only to find out what to do for the rest of his life.


Upon coming back home, he had yet another sign God really works in mysterious ways: in the back of his Bible, he read “331 7834 – call me”.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Leo says:

    “Keep looking below surface appearances. Don’t shrink from doing so just because you might not like what you find” (Colin Powell) =:-)

  2. And you saw all that in a freaking cherry… Please, tell me what you’ve been drinking. I want some of that… 🙂

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