Lies, truths, questions, wonders, curiosities, bewilderments… all of these fall in the category of reactions created and, at the same time, annihilated by technology. Well, technology provided us the possibilities and we used them. Some to become fools almost stepping in thin line of becoming zombies and some to get smarter, more creative, more informed, more iAll. iCan, iWill, iHave, iDo, iAsk, i(don’t)Ask, iGet, iBuy, iLead, iDemand, iMust. The zombies are iFollow(don’t-even-know-why-or-what). There are, of course, as there have always been in all ages those iDon’tKnow. Or if you wish: iInBetween.

My iObserve side has been in conflict and astonishment to see the world becoming one, but not in the sweet little dream of peace of justice. We are losing iDentities, iDeas of our own and being led by a handful of potent ones. We are succumbing to we don’t even know what but are absolutely sure we do. We act as such informed, different, indifferent people. We are none. If you are inside an office now, take a look around: everybody dresses similar, they gesticulate like one another and they care more about iNteracting with a cell phone than with the person right in front of them. Living for the iWhatever is more iMportant and iNteresting. If you are having lunch, stop reading me and glance at those near you. Would you tend to agree they were all manufactured in the same indutry plant? It is ok if you are in between. The indecision is respected as long as it is questioned to come to a conclusion soon.

After so much singleness created by technology and lack of our standing up to the one true uniquess a person has (personality), I ask: who, what, when and how are we to defy this and get back to being us? So much is talked about diversity, but where can I find it? People have never had so much freedom to be and do however they want to, yet they freely choose to be the same. iFree… is freedom to much? Is it too much of a weight that many see, feel and tolerate as unbearable? I don’t know the answer to that and I sure won’t be around anymore by the time this happens, but I am certainly doing my part. No matter the size of the seed I plant, ideas cannot be killed. Therefore, “iConfess” that if you have read this far, my dear, I just iPlanted something in you.

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