When Angels Awake

Segue mais um escrito em dupla: Ronnie Biermann et moi.

The entire nothing I was given is now everything I have. Conclusion of such is reached when all the worldly senses – those that I’ve instinctively learned to instruct the mind to react upon proper external stimuli – no longer act individually and accordingly. If truth be told there’s no need to worry as there’s no mind to assess what’s good or bad, nor right or wrong. No need for feelings to filter perceptions bound from memories to activate a comparable past experience anymore. Liberating it is.

Perhaps these are just thoughts then? Should I assume logic is something which is no longer found – no matter how hard I try – under the missing items list, neither are emotions.

Everything that is felt as now, has always been – and perhaps will always be – a comprehensively simple unknown, no matter how many occasions have been desperately seized in search of lucidity and conscience. The level of collective conscience may have become the most precious and protected component in the fragile mental arsenal.

Provided that senses are now felt as useless, there’s no frequency of sound or color, no scent, no texture or taste… whereas these could well be built from fragments of shattered memories, and in case of by uttering the word memory it suggests that time is something that passes, then the series of events and thoughts that build what historically is seen as ‘now’ are driven by intentions sourced by multiple sides.

So therefore, a daring question arises: what are intentions? To start with: If you cannot provoke the change you want to see taking place would it be merely because your perspective of change is so cowardly passive? Are intentions then merely an intended rational depiction of what could or will happen or are they an act themselves? How tangible are the intentions in one’s intentions? What is hidden between and behind intentions? Why do intentions exist if desire should simply transform thought into action? Why the mid-stage here by creating an intention? Could intention then be a simple total sense of fear prior to the action? Is it a thought process to make one realize what is to be done? If intention were not to be, would one simply do? Is intention then opposite to instinct? “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”, as it is said. One wonders. One also knows that so is Heaven. Dead-lock?

Igniting an introspective conversation with your own self, try experiencing the law of free will. By making an attempt to experience anything, it requires one to be willing to do it. Your free will will free yourself. By trying to empty your mind and create space, you may realize that everything you have is barely all the nothing you have chosen to accept. Be, among so many other things, don’t do. Close your eyes and open your soul. You may now see light, colors or form again. You may be aware of a presence. Whose? One must be willing to simply accept as matter cannot be proved or disproved definitively.

Therefore by setting free the self, one gets back through to the reality of the tacit and pure intentions. Whether they are they good or bad? It no longer matters, remember? And as there might be no matter after all, whereas good and bad might be just a subject of perspective, your efforts will end up on this one absolute truth: the value that worldly things must have for you is the value you want them to have. Are you capable of such happening? If so, here lies the revealing element of human evolution…

Epiphany as the soul disincarnates.

And this is the time when angels awake.

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