Breathing waves

I can almost say for sure that the sun had not yet risen, but I admit there was a cloud over vaporizing in my head making my sight quite blurry. I do however precisely remember that my eyes captured a great 2-second-long picture: how indistinguishable the sea was from the sky. I could not tell where one began and the other ended, except for one small detail that, yet as as fast as the image lasted, I mentally compared the sea to the neck of any old, very old lady: full of wrinkles. I closed my eyes again as it was a huge effort to keep them open for so long. I was aware that I needed to try harder but my body was just powerless against those two enormous rocks placed behind my eyelashes, forcing them to shut down. A long breath took control of me. I felt my chest expand and narrow back. Another one followed. One more up and down movement which made me correlate to the sea I had seen I can’t precise how long ago: I felt like the waves. I cherished the back and forth created first by my nostrils and then my chest. How often do you feel like any part of the nature? I could feel a smile arising from within and making its passage towards my lips as the wave sensation took over my breathing. I slightly turned my head to try and move the rocks to the side of my eyes and keep them open for more than just a couple of long seconds while still aware of the up and down feeling. Long breath. Upon reaching my goal of opening my eyes, I blinked like butterfly wings before being able to form the image in front of me. Only then I noticed that a clear and categorical line had decided to divide the sea from the sky making the waves even more evident. I concentrated in that movement, breathing on the same pace as the sea. In… and out. My eyes rolled as the new image of the waves threw the cloud down from my head and put in front of them. My eyes were heavy. Tired. I kept the image of the waves in my mind and felt it in my chest. Up… and down. Slowly becoming the master of my movements again, I forced my eyes to open. I wanted to watch the sea, but ended up bewildered by how silently someone had set a giant bonfire above the line between sea and sky. Back… and forth. The flickering flames in red and yellow joined an arc of firethat burnt all round the sea, which was now full of tiny golden dots. No matter how mysterious it was to wake up on that marvelous mix of sand, sky and sea after a long drunken night, all that remained was the enchantment of observing a sunrise in its full grace and the conviction then created that I carry a sea full of waves in me.

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